Terms and Conditions of Use

This policy outlines the terms and conditions of use of any CUA Cardinal Card by any student or employee of the university or other person using the card. The terms "CUA," "university" and "we" refer to The Catholic University of America or its contractors and agents in the administration of the Cardinal Card. The terms, "cardholder," "you," "your," "he/she" and "his/her" refer to the student, employee or other person obtaining or using a Cardinal Card.

Cardinal Card Use

  1. The Cardinal Card is the official identification card of The Catholic University of America and is required of all students, faculty, and staff. The Cardinal Card is issued by, and is the property of, CUA and is non-transferable.
  2. The cardholder is responsible for his/her own account. Any violation of university policies and procedures by a cardholder may result, at CUA's sole discretion, in the Cardinal Card being revoked. Deactivation of privileges will result when a cardholder's status as a student, faculty or staff member is terminated.
  3. In order to obtain the privileges of the Cardinal Card, the card must be presented at the time of the transaction. If the card is not presented at the time of use, access to the cardholder's account will be denied.
  4. The cardholder is only allowed to use the card that he/she has been issued. The Cardinal Card will be confiscated if used by someone other than the cardholder.
  5. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately through the Cardinal Card account management online service. If you do not have internet access, you must immediately report the card lost or stolen to the Department of Public Safety by calling x5111. The replacement fee for lost or stolen cards is $30. A damaged card may be replaced for free when the old card is returned.
  6. We do not take responsibility for charges made with the Cardinal Card before the cardholder reports the card lost or stolen. Once the card is reported lost or stolen by the cardholder, all programmed features will be inactivated to prevent future use.
  7. Your possession or use of the Cardinal Card means you accept the terms and conditions of this policy. All terms and conditions of this policy apply to all uses of your Cardinal Card, whether for the debit account use, as a CUA identification card, a building access card or otherwise.

Debit Account Use

  1. The Cardinal Card may be used for purchases at any participating location in the program. A list of participating vendors may be found on the Locations For Using My Card navigation link.
  2. Money may be added to the card using a credit card or a check card. There is no limit on how often money is added or number of times the card is used as long as the cardholder maintains an adequate balance in the cardholder's account to cover purchases.
  3. Funds are immediately available for deposits made by credit card or cash.
  4. The debit account of the Cardinal Card system is a non-interest bearing account and there are no charges associated with its use.
  5. Remaining Cardinal Cash balances left on the Cardinal Card will carry forward to the next term or year, subject to the other terms and conditions of the card.
  6. The Cardinal Card may be deactivated at any time through the Cardinal Card account management online service, or in person at the Department of Public Safety Dispatch Office located on the main floor in Leahy Hall or by calling 202-319-5111. Balances under $50 will not be refunded and will be used as an administration fee. Refunds will be issued by check and processed within thirty days of request. Inactivated accounts may not be reactivated for sixty (60) days unless a $25 fee is paid. After sixty (60) days, a reactivation fee will not be charged.
  7. The Cardinal Cash debit feature of the Cardinal Card will activate upon an initial deposit to the account.
  8. Cash withdrawals from Cardinal Card accounts are not permitted.
  9. Receipts will be given to the cardholder for goods and services purchased with the Cardinal Card at the point of sale locations. Detailed information on transactions and deposits can also be obtained at the Cardinal Card account management online service.
  10. The cardholder should notify the Cardinal Card office at cua-cardinalcard@cua.edu in writing if there is a discrepancy with a transaction within sixty (60) days of the transaction date. The following information should be provided to report an error:

    1. Cardholder's name and ID number.
    2. Description of the transaction in question and an explanation of the error.
    3. The dollar amount of the transaction.

    Within ten (10) business days of the written notification, the cardholder will be informed of the results of the investigation and any errors will be promptly corrected. If the investigation indicates that the original charge was correct, the cardholder will receive a written explanation of the decision.
  11. We are entitled to freeze any funds in the Cardinal Card account in the event a credit card charge submitted as payment is returned unpaid.
  12. Refunds for returned merchandise purchased with a Cardinal Card will be made as a credit to the Cardinal Card. No cash refunds are permitted. Merchandise must be returned to the place of original sale and is subject to the return policy of the merchant.
  13. Money can be added to a Cardinal Card account via the Cardinal Card account management online service using a credit card (MasterCard or VISA) or a check card; or cash deposits can be made in person at the university's cashier's window, located in Leahy Hall, First floor, Room 155. The university does not accept checks for deposit onto the Cardinal Card.

Other Policies for Use

  1. We will comply with all applicable laws and university policies regarding the use of personal and financial information or stored images.
  2. No information regarding the cardholder's account will be provided to third parties unless required by applicable laws, in compliance with court orders, with the written permission of the cardholder, or as required to complete a Cardinal Card transaction with an approved vendor.
  3. We reserve the right to amend these policy terms and conditions and to make reasonable changes to the procedures regulating the use of the Cardinal Card.